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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Canmake Review: Stay On Balm Rouge

Hi everyone! So this is my very first post on this new blog of mine image! It's nice to meet everyone. On this blog I'll be talking about the makeup I use and (hopefully) the outfits I wear image

image I love Japanese fashion and makeup image I'll tell you a little story: when I was a girl I never really had a chance to try on makeup! So now that I'm a mother and a ~free woman~ I figured, its better late than never to learn how to be myself and enjoy my life!

This going to be my first review. I almost always buy used cosmetics because honestly I'm kind of a cheapo...Today I'm writing about the Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge image The shades are T02: Happy Tulip and 12: Little Plum Candy.

It's a tinted lip balm that has been on the market for a few years now image . Korean and Japanese makeup trends are still centered on light, natural, "dewy" looks, so colors tend to stay firmly pink (no reds or "weird" colors like blue or purple).

imageAnyways, I saw a Canmake ad in one of this year's editions of Popteen magazine and fell in love with the company's branding! image It's so cute, elegant, and sweet—just what I love ( ˘ ³˘)♡ I am a huge fan of the packaging, I love the flower print and the elegant golden caps, everything about this balm is so sweet and refined.

Here are the swatches! They're both quite faint. The upper one is T02 and the lower one is Little Plum Candy. They are both pink, though Plum Candy is a bit redder, and they remind me of roses! These lip balms contain SPF, so you'll get a bit of protection from the sun.

This is what the applicator looks like:
It is nice and perfect as a lip balm, but as a lip color I found it a little bit hard to apply because the tip is so large. It's not very precise and I often had to wipe away the excess. image

image The first color was very soft and barely visible—it gives me the perfect pop of color I need for a lazy day out.

(My grandma often complains that I look too pale, and this is the perfect shade to add to my lips to make her stop fussing). Sometimes I like to dab the balm on my cheeks for a soft blush, too. image

image This is my natural face, with absolutely nothing on imageThere are a lot of things I don't like about my face. But I'm trying to be more open and honest with myself. So here it is!

image In this photo, I'm wearing the first lip rouge, which is Canmake T02: Happy Tulip. There's a very very faint difference with it on, which even I have trouble seeing! But I think it's just perfect for regular days image Usually my daily makeup routine consists of just filling in my brows a bit and slapping this on my lips!

Okay, this is with the second balm rouge, Canmake 12: Little Plum Candy! It is pretty bold for me considering I never wear anything even close to red. I wear this with darker outfits image.

Here's a color comparison without filters! image

Overall this lip balm goes on very smoothly and feels just like other lip balms when applied image My only complaint is that it feels a bit drying after about half an hour, so it isn't very long-lasting. (Then again, most lip balms require frequent re-application) image  I like the colors and they do feel moisturizing on my lips. They don't feel too oily or sticky, either.

I do like that even after licking my lips or eating, some of the color remains image. I'm a really lazy girl so you'll see in a lot of my future reviews that I heavily focus on products that are easy and quick to use image.

I would give it a 6/10 because it has such a pretty color but doesn't last very long.

I think I'll wrap this first post up here! Anyways, thank you so much for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoy your visit!